Auditing Services

GET Compliance provides a range of auditing services on general safety, compliance with workplace policies, low voltage and high voltage network operations to monitor adherence to relevant legislation and consistency with industry best practice. Desktop audits of safety management systems can assist the PCBU meet their duty of care, while process audits are a good way of assessing on-the-job performance of electrical workers.

Ensure you adhere to Australian legislation

Our electrical safety office accredited auditor for high voltage networks (No.02/0057) can confirm your adherence to legislation and Australian standards AS2067.

Ensure you comply with workplace policy

To help identify whether your workers are complying with workplace procedures and policies, we offer further high voltage audits across three operational levels:

  • HV Self-assessment Operational Audit: a simple, self-assessed audit to help you determine if you have the necessary documentation, procedures and competencies in place.
  • HV Level 1 Operational Audit: a desktop audit run by a GET Compliance team member to examine your team’s procedures, authorisations and previously completed switching related documents.
  • HV Level 2 Operational Audit: a Level 1 audit PLUS a further audit of your team performing real time switching on your network, and carrying out their usual operational behaviours and competencies.

Clients who undertake a HV Level 1 or Level 2 Operational Audit receive a detailed report that includes any non-conformances, areas for improvement and general observations.

Ensure your safety systems are compliant

Our compliance audits can assess low voltage and high voltage electrical installations and networks. To assist the PCBU and QTP comply with their duty of care, audits of a completed or partially completed installation can be conducted to ensure the installation is electrically safe. This will identify whether your electrical workers have conducted the mandatory tests required by the wiring rules.

Speak to a member of the GET Compliance team to discuss your auditing requirements.

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